Hartbeeps: Super-Fun & Brilliantly Quirky Multi-Sensory Classes for 0-4s!

Introducing Hartbeeps: super-fun, original and brilliantly quirky multi-sensory classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers!

Hartbeeps North Bristol classes are held in Emersons Green and Bradley Stoke with three different Hartbeeps classes for young children according to age and stage:

Baby Bells is for babies from birth to sitting, Baby Beeps is for babies from sitting to walking and Happy House is for confident walkers and older.

The award-winning classes are set to a soundtrack of original songs, remixed nursery rhymes and lullabies, and follow a different theme each week using fun props such as sparkly lights, puppets and multi-sensory experience.

Some of the different themes include teds in space, disco ducks, jungle boogie and many more!

Although new to Bristol, Hartbeeps was actually formed in 2003 and is one of the most established multi-sensory classes out there.

Hartbeeps North Bristol is owned by Liz Smale who was born and raised in Bristol and classes are held by Mallory who is Bristol born and bred, and also runs a children’s party business.

Hartbeeps sessions are great fun and brilliantly quirky as Liz explains:

“If we are going to meet some monkeys which might happen in a normal music class, we take it one step further. Monkeys love their bananas, so at one point Mallory will be dressed as a banana and all the kids will also be wearing banana hats!”

Baby Bells is a lovely nurturing session and aims to help the bonding process. Elements of baby yoga, massage, gentle sensory play are used. The session hopefully wears them out, eases the digestive system, and also develops sensory awareness.

For Baby Beeps, the songs are developed around baby babble sounds to help language skills develop. They also use a lot of different play practices to encourage them towards their developmental milestones.

The Hartbeeps approach is very original and the Happy House sessions focus on letting children form their own experience. Each session starts with the same introductory songs each week which gives them the confidence and security to let their imagination take hold for the different themed section each week.

As Sarah explains:

“If we go down to the pond, we will have ducks out, duck dress up, bubbles and pond material. Each child can then choose to either pretend to be a duck, count the ducks, pop bubbles, play with the material… it really allows them to control the experience.”

Hartbeeps classes are friendly and fun – here are details of classes:

Hartbeeps class details:

Bailey’s Court Activity Centre, Bradley Stoke

  • 9.45am – Happy House (toddling to 4 years, siblings welcome)
  • 10.45am – Baby Beeps (sitting to toddling)
  • 11.45am – Baby Bells (newborn to sitting)
  • Baileys Court Activity Centre, The Pavilion, Baileys Court Road, Bradley Stoke, BS32 8BH

Hartbeeps: Emersons Green Village Hall

  • 10am – Happy House (toddling to 4yrs, siblings welcome),
  • 11am – Baby Beeps (sitting to toddling)
  • 12 noon – Baby Bells (newborn to sitting)
  • Emersons Green Village Hall, Emersons Way, Emersons Green, BS16 7AP

If you fancy trying a Hartbeeps class, please book online or if you would like more information send your name, your baby’s name and date of birth to Liz by emailing northbristol@hartbeeps.com or phoning 07985 935 662.

You can also find out more by visiting: http://www.hartbeeps.com/.