Your Local Independent Health Visitor has launched in Bristol!

As a parent in 2018 do you have questions you wish you could ask your Health Visitor without attending a busy clinic? Would you like to be able to email your queries?

Introducing Liz Heckford, Bristol’s Independent Health Visitor, who can help you!

Liz is a highly-qualified health visitor who offers independent confidential, non-judgemental and professional health visiting services to families all over Bristol.

Liz Heckford can offer a Health Visiting Service how, when and where you choose. She can support you with what you need from the list below:

  • Sleeping and Napping
  • Breastfeeding
  • Bottle feeding
  • Routines
  • Playing
  • Weaning
  • Toilet Training
  • Postnatal Depression Assessment
  • Development Assessments from Birth-5 years
  • Common Childhood Illnesses
  • Antenatal Visits
  • New Birth Visits

The Independent Health Visiting Service which Liz offers is confidential, individual and professional.

It is an alternative to the service offered by the NHS available at a time suitable to you. She can make referrals and liaise with your GP just as your NHS Health Visitor would.

As all families are different and are constantly developing, the services Liz offers are non judgmental, bespoke and lead by you. She likes to offer you a range of solutions giving your family up to date, consistent and evidence-based information.

As well as working office hours, Liz is available evenings, weekends and nights as needed. You will only see her for continuity of care ensuring no conflicting advice is given.

Liz would love to offer every Bristol Mum reader a FREE email consultation or a FREE 20 minute consultation within Bristol Postcodes.

Please look at her website and contact her in the following ways: