Tutor Doctor: a one-to-one home tutoring service for children & teens in Bristol

There will be fewer “math meltdowns” and other homework headaches in Bristol now that Chin Tan and Rachael Tan have introduced Tutor Doctor to Bristol.

Tutor Doctor, a one-to-one home tutoring service designed to help students of all ages and subject levels, offers students a private, easy way to get ahead in school.

Tutor Doctor is the fastest growing “in-home” private tutoring franchise worldwide. Tutor Doctor Bristol opened in April 2018 and is owned by local people, Chin and Rachael, and will service all areas of Bristol.

Chin Tan comes to Tutor Doctor after a career in Engineering at Rolls-Royce. Today, he is happy to pursue his passion of working with children and being able to educate students of all ages.

Since the economy’s upturn, the demand for tutoring has drastically evolved due to a myriad of reasons, including the adoption of new technologies, rising student enrolments and intense competition among students. As a result, the need for tutoring has never been stronger.

“Students in Bristol will gain significant value from Tutor Doctor,” Chin explains. “I look forward to assisting students of any age in achieving their educational goals with programs that are specifically designed to fit the needs of each individual.”

Tutor Doctor starts with an in-depth academic and learning style assessment in order to create a custom program and to find the perfect match between the tutor and student.

In addition to working with the students’ current curriculum, Tutor Doctor’s Academic Game Plan focuses on the development of key executive functions, such as organizational skills, time management and task prioritization, to help students become high performers in school and in life.

Tutor Doctor also collaborates with the students’ current teacher, while keeping open lines of communication with parents throughout the process.

“One-to-one tutoring ensures that each student is being given the utmost attention and tools for success,” Rachael explains. “It also provides our tutors the satisfaction of seeing their students’ progress. It is incredibly exciting to help students reach their full potential.”

In addition to providing school-age students with tutoring in various subjects, many families also hire Tutor Doctor to help students get ahead and prepare for more advanced challenges, such as GCSE and A-level preparation classes that could help them get into a preferred college or university.

For more information on Tutor Doctor of Bristol, please visit www.tutordoctor.co.uk/bristol or call 0117 2393255.

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.