Autumn Term of Turtle Tots ‘Beginner Babies’ Swimming Classes: open to book now!

If you would like your little one to learn to swim, you will be interested to hear that the new Autumn term of Turtle Tots Bristol ‘Beginner Babies’ swimming classes is now open to book.

Turtle Tots ‘Beginner Babies’ classes are gentle and fun and are designed to introduce you and your baby to the water together, building confidence.

Turtle Tots offer swimming sessions for children from when they are babies right up to when they start school and at every stage of your child’s swimming journey, they will be awarded a Turtle Tots swimming badge along the way to celebrate!

Turtle Tots give Bristol Mum readers a 10% DISCOUNT off classes – please quote ‘BRISTOL MUM’!

There are ‘Beginner Babies’ classes with Turtle Tots at pools all over Bristol on every day of the week.

So, whether you’re looking for a gorgeous hydrotherapy pool or a fabulous weekend class to make it a family event, please see the timetable below and email to book your space.

You can also visit to find out more.

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