Fairfield High School goes all out for Children in Need!

On Friday 16th November Fairfield High School in Horfield went all out for Children in Need raising a fantastic £1537.46.

The fundraising activities this year included pie throwing, teacher auctions, sponging teachers, face painting and taping staff to a wall. For these privileges, students dug deep into their pockets!

Mr Warner-Meanwell, House System Manager explained:

“We have had a brilliant fundraising week culminating with students relishing the opportunity to be one up on their teachers; whether they chose to throw sponges, bid for an auction to have a teacher as a slave for a lesson, or throwing whipped cream into teachers’ faces; certainly not our usual Friday antics!

“Thank you to all those staff who were great sports – your combined efforts helped raise a fantastic sum for a great cause.”

Wonderful work, FHS!

For more information about Fairfield High School please visit:  http://www.fairfield.bristol.sch.uk/page/default.asp?title=Home&pid=1