Bristol finalising robust plans to tackle air quality across the city

The Government has agreed to extend the deadline for submission of the Outline Business Case (OBC) for a clean air zone from the 30th September by five weeks. There will be no impact on implementation or compliance dates.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, explains:

“We are continuing to take measures to improve both our air quality and our response to climate change.  We remain committed to reaching Nitrogen Dioxide compliance as part of our work on air quality in the shortest time possible and this delay to the process does not set back either the implementation or compliance dates.

“At the same time however, we must ensure all impacts are considered and that mitigation measures are targeted to support those most affected, including the impacts on the most deprived communities. We also want to be certain that our ambitious clean air plans are fully scoped, have a strong evidence base to support them, and take into account the thoughts of our citizens”

Bristol City Council has been working very closely with the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU), and they and the Minister are pleased with our progress.

The consultation responses and further technical modelling work are informing the OBC.  With the report being finalised for consideration by Cabinet on Tuesday 5th November, additional measures to support the proposal could include a local scrappage scheme, supporting improvements to buses and taxis to bring them to compliant standards, bus and local traffic interventions in the most polluting areas, incorporating a bus lane on the M32.