Homeschooling during the Coronavirus Crisis: Day 2

Today’s ‘homeschooling’ found us getting more into a routine which made things easier, especially as Day 1 of homeschooling was so busy.

My son’s excitement of homeschooling rather than going to school had dimmed a little today though he was very good at getting on with his independent home learning tasks.  My little girl is still missing her friends however spent a lot of time outside today on her roller boots and heelies (albeit in our garden and driveway).

Today we started our homeschooling routine at 9am with a Joe Wicks exercise session on Youtube which was a good wake up and start to the day.  I even joined in!

Following this my kids did their daily chores and had a bit of a play.

Today’s home learning tasks included:

Reading aloud to me
Independent Maths task
Independent Reading Comprehension (using Politics library book)
Reading for Pleasure

Reading aloud to me
Words of the Day (these are new words that she comes across in her reading aloud.  We look these up in the dictionary and then she creates sentences with them).
Times Tables
Independent Reading Comprehension (using the library book about Australia)

I use the promise of treats such as cake, TV and phone chats with friends as incentives for them to do their home learning tasks (aka bribery).  It helps!

We broke up our day several times between home learning tasks, including an 11am ‘break and cake’ and playing outside.  We went for a dog-walk after lunch and enjoyed the current quietness; all we could hear were children playing in their gardens and bees humming.

We made a point of putting on Children’s Newsround on CBBC at 12.10pm (this is also held at 9.15am and 4pm during the coronavirus crisis) and watched a few episodes of Malory Towers on CBBC also at the end of the afternoon.

We didn’t get round to planting our vegetable seeds today but we did do this after seeing this great post on facebook.  It inspired us to regrow our vegetable choppings so we used ours left over from preparing dinner!

As well as planting veggie seeds tomorrow, I want them to each learn a short poem and then practise presenting it.  The use of bribery will be employed!