Homeschooling during the Coronavirus Crisis: Day 3

Day 3 of homeschooling during the coronavirus crisis was the best so far: really relaxed and fun.  Interestingly, this was the day we did our least ‘formal learning’ so far this week.

My son started the day with Joe Wicks’ exercise session (although my daughter was still in bed at this point so she missed it).  When both kids were up and had had breakfast we played hide and seek.  I pretended I was a monster and would hide and then jump out at them; they absolutely loved it!

After my children both did their household chores, we did do some formal home learning: Maths and Reading Comprehension exercises set by the school.  The reading comprehension task my son had been set was about Ruby Bridges and was fascinating.  After learning all about her and what she did, we went on to watch some online videos about her, too.

My children played together outside in the spring sunshine at lunchtime and we also went on a scooter and heelie walk after dinner so they got lots of fresh air and exercise.

I made some Scotch pancakes for our breakfast the next day and also put some in the freezer to enjoy in future.

One of the best activities we did all day was planting our vegetable seeds in the garden.  We planted cress, spring onions, radishes and tomatoes and it felt very satisfying.

You can see from the pictures below we used our sledge for the radishes; it worked well as a raised planting bed!  We put them in a sunny spot in the garden and we will continue to water them.

It will be good to see our vegetables sprouting soon: a tangible sign of progress for our gardening efforts!