Homeschooling during the Coronavirus Crisis: Day 4

Day 4 was another relaxed day for our homeschooling during the coronavirus outbreak.  Both my children slept in until gone 10am and enjoyed the scotch pancakes for breakfast which we made yesterday.

We also managed to do the main home learning tasks set by the school while keeping the relaxed pace throughout the day!

As well as the tasks set by the school, my children also did a creative writing exercise.  I asked them to create either a monster or superhero from their imaginations and write a detailed description of it and then a picture of it.  My daughter created a ‘superheroine’ football player and my son a cheese-eating monster.

My children played on their scooters at lunchtime and made the most of the sunshine.  In the afternoon we sat in the garden and the kids read aloud to me and I also read a story to them, all the while munching Easter biscuits.

After dinner we all did our main bit of outdoor exercise for the day and went for an evening walk around the local area.  I grew up in the same area we live now so it is good to share stories of when I was little!

At 8pm we took part in the Clap For Our Carers event taking place across the country, joining in with the national round of applause to show our gratitude to all the NHS workers working so hard during the coronavirus crisis.  It was nice to see many of our neighbours doing the same as us and to wave to them from the bedroom window!