Tiny Talk TV: Your baby’s favourite toy is YOU! 

Feeling guilty for sitting your baby in front of a screen when you’ve run out of ideas?

Being housebound with a baby or toddler, day and night, for months on end can feel overwhelming. But Tiny Talk TV with Gabriela Saxon is not your average, passive e-class!

Tiny Talk’s award winning class structure of popular nursery rhymes and interactive songs is always lots of fun, and now it’s been tailor made for online viewing.  They have a sensory element to their classes, showing you how to help your baby explore their senses and develop their skills through stimulating activities including mirrors, bubbles, tactile shapes, music, scarves and more! They also read books and play with musical instruments.

Gabriela’s own little Beastie is now nearly 22 months old, and now talks A LOT.  She thanks Tiny Talk Baby Signing classes for this, as her daughter has been signing up to 150 signs since she was about 14 months old and still signs daily.

Gabriela explains: “Seeing as she’s a feisty one, I can guarantee that she would have been far more frustrated without being able to communicate by signing first.  This is all down to Tiny Talk – and the reason I became a Tiny Talk teacher.”

Tiny Talk TV gives parents and babies 40 minutes of easy to follow songs, all signed using British Sign Language. Gabriela repeats the songs throughout the class so that they are easily remembered for use at home.  Then you can use the signed songs in everyday situations, like changing their nappy, giving them a bath or getting them dressed.

Even though your baby won’t be interested in the screen, they WILL be interested in YOU, and this is why it’s suitable from birth (with older siblings always welcome!).  The sound of your voice singing along with the songs, as well as you practising the signs with them for the rest of the week is an incredible bonding experience, which you will both appreciate, and reap the rewards of, for the rest of your lives.

Singing loudly has also been proven to benefit parents suffering from post-natal depression significantly, releasing natural happy endorphins.  Performed live online, the camera is always on the teacher, safeguarding your privacy so that you are able to sing loudly and freely in your own home, and that counts for some really happy families!

Gabriela & Tiny Talk TV can help you unlock your natural ability to educate and entertain your baby, in the comfort and safety of your own home…because your baby’s favourite toy is YOU!

To find out more about Tiny Talk North East Bristol check out Gabriela’s website: www.tinytalk.co.uk/gabrielas or follow her classes on facebook.com/tinytalkbristol.

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.*