Children’s Poster Competition: encouraging Bristol drivers to #slowdown and stop speeding

A new competition has been launched asking Bristol children to design colourful posters to remind drivers to stop speeding and #slowdown.

Since lockdown it has been noticed by many that some drivers are starting to ignore the speed limit, not only breaking the law but making the roads more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians.

Organised by #WeAreBristol Kids, the competition prizes include passes to the Family Cycling Centre and a Fitbit!

There are two categories of winners – age 6-11 and age 12-16 – and the winners will be chosen by a panel of judges with the Mayor picking the winning entries.

The winning entries will be proudly displayed on the WeAreBristol Kids website – and with other partner websites and campaigns including – the 20mph Bristol campaign, Better By Bike and Travelwest social media.

How to enter:

  1. Create an A4 landscape poster that encourages drivers to slow down.
  2. The poster should be simple and colourful, with not too many words. Phrases like these: “drive like your kids live here”, “slow down, save lives”, “a little bit slower, a whole lot better”, “I  20mph because…”, “a speed limit is not a target”, “roads are not racetracks”.
  3. Put your poster in a window, preferably so that people from the street can see it.
  4. Take two photos of your poster: (a) a close-up showing the whole poster; (b) a photo from outside at street level, showing your poster in the window. If your poster is in a window on the second floor or higher, try to zoom in as much as possible. Your entry will not be judged on the quality of the photo taken from outside, only the close-up.  Photos should not exceed 1MB each.
  5. Send your photos to before 5pm, 11th June 2020.

For more information on the competition please visit