Parents Hold Child-Friendly Black Lives Matter Protest In Keynsham

On the afternoon of Monday 15th June parents and children from Bristol and beyond gathered in Keynsham for a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest.

The event provided an opportunity for local parents to take their children to a Black Lives Matter event which was held in a safe, child-friendly space, without the large crowds that other recent events in Bristol have involved.

The event was organised by Hollie Monterio and began at about 2pm in Keynsham Park.  Hollie and a few others made a speech, and then parents and children walked peacefully to Keynsham High Street and then back to the park.

Local parent, Kiesha Hartley, who took part in the event explains: “It was just under an hour but it was amazing to show the children unity.  It was a successful protest in my opinion.”

Police were there supporting the event and were thanked by organisers afterwards. Social distancing was maintained throughout.  Parents were pleased to be able to take part in the protest and show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement.