Sing and Sign @ Home: learn baby signing the fun way!

Do you have a baby 6 months+ and fancy learning some baby signing in the comfort of your own home during the summer?  Instead of regular face-to-face classes, Sing and Sign is running special @ Home lessons:  Sing and Sign @Home!

Sing and Sign @ Home offers a complete term of Sing and Sign in your sitting room with all classes online for you and your baby to enjoy together.  There are ten lessons available – one a week- for unlimited viewing for seven days.

Sing and Sign helps you and your baby communicate by teaching you both simple signs such as “more”, “milk”, “tired”, “mummy”, “change nappy” and many more, all through music.  You will be overjoyed when your baby tells you something through signing – whether it is naming a favourite animal or asking for ‘milk’ and a bite to ‘eat’!

Baby signing is easy to learn and lots of fun!  You will learn many important signs and your baby will love meeting Jessie Cat and playing signing games with her!  While enjoying a class, your baby can sit on your lap or wander around the room, either is fine!

There is no way to watch missed sessions so it’s recommended that you take advantage by making Sing and Sign part of your routine everyday.

Lessons are available to book now for an early July start.

Baby signing is fun to learn with Sing and Sign @Home.  While little one is enjoy the songs, music and smiles from the teachers, you are learning the signs to use with your baby.  You are encouraged to use the signs you have learned with your baby consistently throughout the week, while at the same time saying the word, as well!

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.