Dynamic Play’s LEGO® and Scalextric® “Play Experiences”

Does your child have a birthday coming up?  If so, you might be interested to hear about Dynamic Play’s LEGO® and Scalextric® “Play Experiences” parties!

Dynamic Play provides brilliant birthday parties for children aged 6 – 13 years old, and the team has just launched the “Play Experiences” service in which LEGO® and Scalextric® parties can be enjoyed safely in a COVID “secure” environment.

Play Experiences are mini parties for up to 5 children, including the birthday child. Venues are already booked and arranged by the Dynamic Play team themselves, saving parents time and hassle; parents simply book a slot at the venue.

The Dynamic Play team make all necessary adaptations before kids arrive at the party, by creating a “play pod” and carrying out a full risk assessment, thus ensuring everyone’s safety.

Dynamic Play’s LEGO® and Scalextric® parties offer children brilliant fun and entertainment. Here’s more about each party:

LEGO parties:
At a LEGO® Play Experience party, there will be boxes overflowing with LEGO bricks and tablets for programming LEGO® robots!  Children create their own fully functioning mini-robots using conventional LEGO® bricks ready for a mission to Mars.

Then, using the very latest technology, children will program their robots to perform tasks such as detecting objects with a simple-to-use interface.  Kids can experiment with their robots further such as collaboratively bringing a new plant specimen back to Earth!

Scalextric® Parties:
A Scalextrix® party includes a giant Scalextric® track for children to race each other to see which team can become king of the road!  Within their small teams, children must decipher on factors such as fuel load in order to stand the best chance in beating their opponents!

Children will first participate in Qualifying to determine their team’s position for the main event, the Grand Prix!  To top it all off, kids finish with some Pursuit racing, keeping an eye on their team’s position on the giant leader board as it automatically updates with the latest lap times!

A Dynamic Play LEGO® or Scalextric® “Play Experiences” party is £90 and lasts for one hour.

There is a Play Experience Day being held on Saturday 12th September at Cotham Parish Church Hall (limited places available).  If you would like to book a place please complete this booking form here.

There will be more Play Experiences dates and venues booked over the coming months; I will continue to update this page with details of these.

In the case of booking a party and social distancing guidelines changing, the Dynamic Play team will offer you the chance to either rearrange your party or give you a full refund.

To read more about Dynamic Play’s Experience parties, please visit: https://dynamicplay.co.uk/play-experiences/

You can contact Dynamic Play by phoning 07979552256 or emailing info@dynamicplay.co.uk.