Introducing “We Are Makers!” Children’s Creative Play Boxes

If your child enjoys arty crafty fun then you will be interested to hear about “We Are Makers!” creative play boxes for kids!

Created by Children’s Scrapstore Bristol, a charity collecting business waste to be reused for children’s creative play, each “We Are Makers!” box is packed full of exciting art and craft materials.

Each month there is a different theme, with templates for three structured projects in each box, combining arty crafty fun with a fun learning opportunity, too.

A few weeks ago Children’s Scrapstore Bristol contacted me to ask if I would like to review one of the “We Are Makers!” boxes in return for a review on Bristol Mum.  My 9-year old daughter LOVES crafty activities so, of course, I accepted the offer and decided to surprise her.

When we received our “We Are Makers!” box through the post, my daughter was really excited when I told her what it contained.  She was thrilled and excited when, on opening it, she discovered many art materials of a range of colours, shapes, sizes and materials.

This month’s theme was “Space” and so the three structured activities were all space-related: Glowing Night Sky, Space Rocket and Golden Galaxy.

Each structured activity comes with clear instructions and my daughter was able to do most of each activity by herself with only a little help from me.  Obviously, younger children will need a little more supervision.

Each of the activities can take up a couple of hours of crafty fun and my daughter decided to choose the Space Rocket activity that morning.

Although each “We Are makers” box comes with three set activities, we found that there were plenty of craft materials left over when we had completed each of the three tasks, and so my daughter was able to carry on with even more creative activities afterwards.

On two of the structured activities, my daughter had a friend round and each time her friends worked together; the box provided a great source of creative fun for them.

I would totally recommend ordering a “We Are Makers!” box for your child.  They are exciting to open and discover the beautiful colourful materials inside, and the learning activities worked really well, too.  Our “We Are Makers!” box kept my daughter occupied for ages, another plus!

I would say that the boxes would be suitable for children aged between 3 to 10.

If you would like to order a “We Are Makers!” box, you can order one as a one-off, or, as a subscription.  You can either collect your box or receive it by post.

The boxes are monthly; Children’s Scrapstore will take orders until the 20th of each month for distribution at the start of the following month.

Upcoming themes include “Space” for September, “Dinosaurs” for October and “Robots” for November.

You can order a box on the Children’s Scrapstore website:

To find out more about Children’s Scrapstore Bristol and the activities on offer for children in Bristol and beyond, you can find the Scrapstore team on facebook, Twitter or Instagram.