Elderly Care Home Brings Young And Old Together Through Online Bedtime Stories

Lockdown measures due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to many people across the UK feeling lonely and isolated over recent months.  The elderly have been especially affected and many grandparents have sorely missed seeing their grandchildren.

Like many others, the residents of Manor Cottage Elderly Care Home in Frenchay were missing seeing their grandchildren and in some cases, great-grandchildren, and being part of their lives.  Knowing that many young children were missing out as well, staff decided to solve the problem with a lovely idea bringing the generations together.

A Bedtime Stories event was created with a Great-Grandmother Resident named Dorothy reading a story on Friday evenings at 6pm, shared online on facebook.  The first bedtime story Dorothy read was The Wonky Donkey and the second story was Norman, The Slug with the Silly Shell (click on the links to watch and listen with your little one!).

The stories have proved to be a huge hit with not only grand-children of the residents of The Manor Cottage, but many other children across Bristol and beyond, who have enjoyed the stories as part of their bedtime routine

There’s another story this evening at 6pm; you can either watch it live on The Manor Cottage facebook page or watch it at a later date.  All children are invited to watch, listen and enjoy!