Sing and Sign Bristol Classes for Babies this Autumn!

If you’re looking for a great activity for your baby to enjoy this Autumn, you might be interested to know that Sing and Sign – Bristol will be running face-to-face baby signing classes, plus @Home classes, this term!

Baby signing encourages good communication by teaching you simple and easy signs such as ‘more’, milk’, ‘tired’, ‘mummy’ or ‘change nappy’, to name but a few.

Learning such signs helps babies to recognise such important words quicker and enable them to communicate with you before they are able to talk. Baby signing is easy to learn and fun!

You learn over 100 signs to help you connect and communicate with your baby.  You will be overjoyed when your baby tells you something through signing – whether it is naming a favourite animal or asking for ‘milk’ and a bite to ‘eat’!

Sing and Sign – Bristol are offer classes for little ones aged from 0 months to 2 years of age:

  • Babes classes: 2-5 months
  • Stage 1: 5-13 months
  • Stage 2: Toddlers aged 14 months+ online only at the moment but book for Stage Two @Home to be invited for our face-to-face classes if they resume!

Autumn 2020: Sing and Sign Classes and Activities

Sing and Sign @Home online lessons: Stage 1 & 2
Filmed by Sing and Sign franchisees across the country, Sing and Sign brings the magic of our Sing and Sign lessons to your home.  Sing and Sign @Home feels very much like a usual term, with lessons following the regular format, including activities such as felt board songs, instrument time and of course Jessie Cat playing peek-a-boo!

You are encouraged to enjoy the online lessons at any time – indeed, many times! – throughout the week.  Older siblings and other adults can join in too as you make Sing and Sign @Home part of your daily routine.  (It’s the perfect thing as you make tea!)

Each lesson is available to watch from Monday morning until Sunday night.  There is no way to see previous lessons once missed but with unlimited viewing for seven days, there is great opportunity to watch repeated times!

You can always watch the class beforehand without your little one (with a glass of something cold or a mug of something hot) to learn the songs and signs for that week.  You can also run the audio through a speaker to enjoy the songs in the background if limiting screen time for little ones.

To make the lessons even more interactive, you could find some pictures, instruments and props and create a full class experience for your baby in your home!

Sing and Sign @Home is perfect for those unable to get to class in their area, people returning to work, those not ready to leave the house and be in a group!

Cost: £45 for the term, including gold membership.

Face-to-Face Sing and Sign classes: Stage 1
NOW in Autumn term, Sing and Sign is opening the brave ‘new normal’ face-to-face classes for Stage 1 only (this group gets access to Sing and Sign @Home online sessions too).

Stage Two toddlers/walkers can only opt for @Home with weekly zoom catch up sessions for £45 including Gold membership.

Included in these classes you and your baby can enjoy:

– venue-based lessons for one baby and one parent (get in touch if you have twins and need to bring an extra adult as this will affect our numbers!)
– ten online lessons – Sing and Sign @Home
– membership to Facebook group for this stage
– invitation to join in weekly Zoom catch-up sessions
– play scarf
– Gold Membership to The Jessie Cat Club*

Cost: £80 for the term (includes all live lessons, the @Home online sessions, Zoom catch-ups, and Gold membership).

*because all @home lessons will follow our venue schedule which will include a half term break, Gold Membership is included so you can continue to watch Sing and Sign videos during the week off.

Babes Classes
Sing and Sign – Bristol also offers Babes classes babies aged 0 – 5 months.

Again, there is a purely online option, delivered via zoom (can join in 3 times per week if they wish!) for £20.  Or, they can join five live lessons in Horfield or Bedminster (and pop in to the zooms too if they wish) for £30.

For more information about any of the above Sing and Sign activities or to book a class please visit:

If you have any questions about the above you can also email

*Disclosure: Sponsored post.