Fairfield High School Celebrates Black Achievements Through Black History Month & Beyond

During Black History Month, Fairfield High School (FHS) in Bristol celebrated black achievements in a variety of ways.

Firstly, it has commissioned a special piece of artwork (attached) which is currently being produced to feature in the school’s Atrium. Seven Saints of St Pauls celebrates the legacy of people from the community who broke down racial barriers and worked for full integration.

This unique piece of artwork is even closer to the school’s heart, for one of the Saints, Delores Campbell, was actually related to Assistant Vice Principal (and former Fairfield student) Cashan Campbell.

She explains: “Michele Curtis, Creator of Seven Saints of St Pauls has helped share the stories of these unsung heroes in some fantastic works of art. This affects me on a personal level, as my beloved Nanny, Delores Campbell was one of these influential figures who touched the hearts of many. Fairfield is well known for its diverse community for which we are extremely proud. We cannot wait to have this large and colourful mural for all to enjoy at the end of this special month… it couldn’t be more apt.”

The theme this year – which also resonates with the Fairfield Community – for Black History Month is ‘Black History is all our History’ to ensure black history is not something that is studied in October, but all the time.

Fairfield staff have chosen someone from their area of the curriculum to celebrate and made posters for their doors to engage and share with as many of the school community as possible (see an example above).

Students also participated in a quiz on Teams to further develop their learning.

It is great to see FHS continuing to celebrate black achievements at every opportunity, keeping its values close to its heart.

For more information about Fairfield High School, please visit https://www.fairfield.bristol.sch.uk/.