Pro-active ‘AIM’ students raise money & supplies for Ukrainian refugees

A pro-active group of Year 10 students named AIM (All In Mind) from Fairfield High School (FHS) have been busy putting their latest plan into action; to collect a minibus of essential items for the Ukraine refugees. This latest initiative follows a string of matters close to the students’ hearts as they seek to make change, plus educate the school and wider community.

For this latest mission, AIM created a powerpoint and made sure they visited all students in classrooms to raise awareness. As a result, an impressive number of boxes containing food, toiletries, sanitary products, blankets, sleeping bags, toys, gloves and hats were donated, soon to be delivered to those in desperate need. In addition to this, a non-uniform day has raised £650 in funds for the crisis.

AIM has had an impressive year by identifying issues they feel passionate about, before putting in place an action plan; often involving meeting members from the school’s leadership team. Past examples have included International Women’s Day celebrations, implementing staff training to understand students’ experiences regarding gender, action related to the Palestine conflict, plus changes to the schoolwide uniform and behaviour policy.

Amanda Bridgewater, Vice Principal at FHS comments: “The AIM group are a passionate, dynamic group of students driven by issues on a global, national and local level. They never cease to amaze me. In just under a week, they’ve generated a huge number of essential items identified on the British Red Cross website and suggesting a non-uniform day to raise money for Ukraine refugees. This, in conjunction with their other projects this year, speaks volumes for their bright futures ahead.”