Fairfield High School student’s involvement in high profile Bristol Girls Campaign

A student at Fairfield High School (FHS) together with his family have been chosen to be the face of the Bristol Girls Can campaign, featuring on billboards all around the area, plus the big screen in Millennium Square. Azaan, his mother and two sisters have made considerable changes to their lifestyle as part of this campaign, by scrapping many car journeys in favour of walking, together with eating more healthily.

The campaign is also linked to Bristol City Council’s Climate Action Change campaign, encouraging people to do whatever it takes (however small) for the future of its children. Azaan and his family will soon be featuring as a shining example of this, as they encourage others to make the climate better and stop – or at least slow down – the damage to the environment.

Kanwal, Azaan’s mother comments: “It is a great initiative to get people thinking about how they can build physical activities into their life without it feeling like a burden or being too much to manage. We have really enjoyed being part of the campaign.”

Azaan adds: “Our family chooses to walk now instead of taking the car, I’m generally feeling more healthy and we’re eating more fruit and veg. It’s also nice because we’re getting out more and bumping into people we know. My Mum wasn’t keen at first but now she’s really active and we’re all benefiting from our lifestyle change.”

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