Launch of new free Cadbury Heath Buggy Walks

  Buggy Walks Wilsbridge Mill pathway

This week a brand new regular Buggy Walk is due to launch in Cadbury Heath. The Cadbury Heath Buggy Walk, which will be free of charge, is a Bristol City council Initiative and part of the Walking for Health Scheme.

The Cadbury Heath Buggy Walk will run on the first Wednesday of every month, beginning this Wednesday 6th May at 10.30am. The walk will last about an hour and cover 3 – 4 km; starting and ending at the Batch Community Center, Park Rd, BS30 8EB. Walkers are invited to stay for a chat, a cuppa and a cake at the Batch Café after.

Buggy Walks Batch

Batch Community Centre

The walks are being coordinated by Bristol mums, Philippa Bastable and Elizabeth (Liz) Smith, who are both from Cadbury Heath. Philippa explains:

“We hope that the group, which is free to walk, with the option to buy a cuppa at the Batch Café at the end of the walk, will be successful and that we have a group of mums who walk monthly and who can welcome new mums, dads, grandparents or carers to the group.”

Buggy Walks 2

Philippa Bastable with her daughter, Rebecca

Philippa describes how Elizabeth and herself volunteered to start the Buggy Walk after attending a course at their local children’s centre in which the benefits of walking were discussed and being given pedometers to help track their steps.

Bearing in mind you are supposed to aim for 10,000 steps a day I was quite shocked to find that on some days I was barely achieving 2000! The pedometer has really made me think about how much I am moving and as a result I now tend to walk (if I can) to groups, the shops etc rather than take the car.”

Buggy walks

Liz and baby, Isla

During the course, Philippa and Elizabeth learned about the regular free Buggy Walks that have been set up by South Gloucestershire Council with other local mums which run from ten locations across South Gloucestershire (please see this page for details).

However, they were disappointed to learn that their nearest local Buggy Walks were in Kingswood and Emerson’s Green, requiring a car drive to get there which defeated the object somewhat. They therefore decided to set up Cadbury Heath Buggy Walks.

Buggy Walks Wilsbridge

Willsbridge Mill, one of the planned buggy walks

Philippa explains:

“Liz and I both volunteered to be involved. We both felt that walking was important (especially in light of my shocking pedometer results!) and a great way for new mums to start exercising again. We also wanted a buggy walk locally to attend which we could walk to.”

“It seemed a great way to meet other mums, which can be quite daunting. It is also nice to walk in your local area; since having my daughter, Rebecca last August I have discovered my local area by walking. Previously I would walk a little on known routes, but would usually jump in the car to go distances which I now routinely walk. I now know my local area far better.”

Buggy Walks 5

The river near Willsbridge Mill

The walks included in the Cadbury Heath Buggy Walks will vary, with four particluar walks planned in the near future in Grimsbury Farm, Oldland Common Station, Warmley Station and Wilsbridge Mill. And, if the Cadbury Heath Buggy Walks attract more volunteers, they will run more frequently in future.

If you would like to come along to a Cadbury Heath Buggy Walk, you can just turn up without having to book. You can also link up with Philippa, Liz and the others via the Cadbury Heath Buggy Walks facebook page.

The first walk will be this Wednesday 6th May and will include a stroll through the beautiful Grimsbury Farm.

Happy walking!