Enjoying a Tiny Steps Performance with my Kids


I took my children to see a Tiny Steps Performance a few weeks ago and we all enjoyed ourselves!

Tiny Steps Performances are dance performances especially for young children with their families and were created by mum and OvDa Dance Company Producer, Svetlana Ovsyannikova, who lives in Bristol with her husband Ben and 21-month old little girl, Amaya.

Svetlana wanted to create dance performances which were interactive and fun and also bridge the gap between performers and audience, welcoming children up on stage at the end!

IMG_9839 - Version 2

Svetlana aims to introduce a new theme, story and country to the children and families in every Tiny Steps Performance and in the performance which I took my kids to see, Svetlana introduced her native country of Russia.

The performance was funny and entertaining and children got to go up on stage afterwards; my little girl loved learning some dance steps and playing with the brightly coloured accessories!


There will be another Tiny Steps Performance on Saturday 11th June and this time Svetlana will be introducing Brazil to the children and families of Bristol!

The performance will be a Samba and Conga arrival with dancer Elena Bubon and will be happy, colourful and energetic with bright Brazilian costumes and accessories, music and, of course, amazing dancing.

As with all Tiny Steps Performances, children will be invited up on stage to learn some simple dance steps and if they enjoy dressing-up, Elena Bubon will be bringing her lovely accessories and hats for them try on!


The performance will be held at 10.30am at Redland Park Church, Whiteladies Road, BS6 6SA. Older siblings are welcome, too.

You and your children will be sure of a great time!

To find out more about the next Tiny Steps Performance, please read this post. If you would like to buy tickets you can do so here.