‘Pilates with Elle’: New Pilates classes for mums & babies in Southville

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If you are a Bristol mum with a baby then you may well be interested to hear about ‘Pilates with Elle’: new Pilates classes for mums and babies soon starting in Southville.

Classes are being run by Elle Morrison, an experienced Pilates teacher and start on Tuesday 20th September and are for mums of all abilities.

But, there are also two FREE taster classes tomorrow (Tuesday 12th July) and Wednesday 20th July at 9.30am where you can bring your baby along with you (you can book your free place here).

Please read my interview with Elle below and find out her thoughts on Pilates, the benefits of Pilates on a person’s mind, body and health and why she loves Pilates so much.

Hi Elle, please tell me a little about yourself.

Haha.. I feel like I’m on blind-date! I’m Elle, 38 from Glasgow… seriously, I moved to Bristol in February this year as my partner lives here. I’ve lived in Glasgow most of my life and taught Pilates for the past 8 years. I left the property business to do something more caring and less money orientated. Best life decision I ever made, I just love teaching it.

How are you finding life in Bristol?

This is my fifth month here and it’s going well so far, a few bumpy bits when I miss my family and nephews but aside from that settling in nicely, you have a really friendly small city vibe here. I love the independence of Bristol and how proud you all are of it.

How did you originally come across Pilates?

I graduated from college aged 30 and started to work for a small independent training studio where the owner taught me Pilates, I was a very inflexible runner at the time and I hated it but I kept doing it determined to touch my toes and do the moves easily. That day came quickly and my love for it just grew and grew.


How does Pilates help improve physical and emotional well-being?

The classic movements were developed for soldiers injured in combat to rehabilitate them at hospital on the Isle of Man and then it was redeveloped for ballet dancers in New York. It works on a lot of the smaller, deeper, stabilising muscles, which in turn help the bigger muscles to work better and in my classes we focus a lot on correct breathing and core muscle control(pelvic floor) which in itself creates a relaxed feeling throughout your body.

Regardless if you’re weak or strong you’ll leave feeling lighter and moving better.

What do you personally like the most about Pilates?

It is accessible for everyone young, old, male, female, injured, post-op, pre-op, pregnant, not pregnant, post and pre-natal… there’s moves and alternative moves for everyone. It can be taught like a hard and fast traditional classic pace for the ballet dancers or it can be slowed right down and taught with precision and technique focusing on the smaller moves.

Please tell me about your new Pilates classes for mums and babies in Southville.

I’m holding two trial classes, both at 9:30am on Tuesday 12th July and Wednesday 20th July where you can bring your baby along with you.

You can book on eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/free-pilates-class-for-mums-and-babies-tickets-26308449280.

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Anything else you would like to share with Bristol Mum readers?

I’ve just secured the lease to a space in Southville and I’m crowdfunding for the £3000 that I need to raise for equipment and deposit.

If any of your lovely readers would like to donate £10 they can do so here: https://www.gofundme.com/pilatesdeposit

Thank for the chat Hilary, really lovely meeting you.

If you would like to find out more about Pilates with Elle, please visit http://runstretchtrain.com/