All Stars Cricket: A New Programme Giving Kids A Great First Experience In Cricket

This Summer the England Cricket Board (ECB) is launching All Stars Cricket, a new programme which provides kids with a great first experience in cricket.

All girls and boys aged 5 – 8 are welcome to take part in the 8-week programme which will be running at lots of cricket clubs across Bristol.

All Stars Cricket introduces children to cricket and teaches them the fundamentals of the game through enjoyable game-based learning activities.

Each child also receives some cricket goodies including a cricket bat and ball, water bottle, backpack and a personalised cap and shirt.

If this sounds of interest do read my interview with Ralph Hardwick, the community coach at Gloucestershire Cricket Board to find out more!

The launch of All Stars Cricket sounds fantastic, please tell me more.

All Stars Cricket is a brand new nationwide entry level programme that the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have introduced for this summer. It’s the single biggest grass roots programme that cricket has ever produced.

It is an 8 week programme of fun and action packed activities looking to bring the next generation of players into the game hopefully to produce the next England star.

What’s the aim of All Stars Cricket?

The aim of All Stars is to give children the best possible introduction into cricket. This is done through fun and lively game based learning which will give them the fundamentals of the game.

Who can do it?

All Stars is open to any girl or boy aged 5-8 years old.

Do children need prior experience of cricket to take part?

No, children can be complete novices to the game; it is just about getting involved and having the most enjoyable time.

What activities does the programme involve?

The programme is 8 weeks of 1 hour sessions that will use game based learning so the children will learn the basics of the game such as batting and bowling in a fun and safe environment.

At which venues in Bristol will the All Stars Cricket programme be running?

All Stars will be running at the following venues:

  • Bishopston CC
  • Brislington CC
  • Bristol CC
  • Carsons & Mangotsfield CC
  • Coalpit Heath CC
  • Downend CC
  • Frenchay CC
  • Hanham CC
  • Patchway CC
  • Pucklechurch CC
  • Shirehampton CC
  • Twyford House CC
  • Winterbourne CC

Please explain what cricket goodies will be given to each child?

Each child receives their own stash of goodies which includes: Backpack, personalised T shirt, cricket bat, cricket ball, water bottle and cap.

How will All Stars Cricket benefit kids?

All Stars can benefit kids in many ways. First and foremost it is a great way for a kid to stay active, cricket uses 9 of the 10 fundamental movements that a kid needs to play any sport.

One of the most important aspects of cricket and the reason that most people play the game is that is a great social sport. It is an opportunity for kids to make new friends and socialise in a fun and safe environment.

All stars will be a brilliant introduction to cricket but it will also provide the child with the fundamentals to carry across to any other sport.

How can parents find out more or book a place for their child?

The best way for parents to find out more and book onto a programme is to go to

From here they can see videos on the benefits of the programme and most importantly by using their postcode they can find their nearest All Stars centre.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

This programme will provide kids with an excellent opportunity to have fun and play with their friends. One area that ECB have really looked at pushing is the involvement of parents in the programme.

Parents are key in the development and take up of a child into a sport so this programme actively encourages parents to get involved.


For more information about All Stars Cricket or to book your child onto a local programme please visit