Torwood House School, Redland: A Bristol Mum Review

If you are looking into choosing a school for your child is always useful to have as much information as possible about particular schools.

However, it is especially useful to also hear the views of a parent who has children in that school and to learn about their experiences and opinions.

Today on Bristol Mum is a parent’s review of Torwood House School, a small independent school for children aged 4 – 11 years in Redland.

The parent who provides the following review has an 8-year-old son who started at Torwood House in September 2016 and who is in Year 4.

Was Torwood House School your first choice and if so, why?

My son started Torwood at the start of this academic year moving from our local primary school which originally had been our first choice as it was local and had a good name.

What are the best things about Torwood House School?

Torwood is like a family. From the moment I first set foot inside the school (and it is separate site from the nursery) I could see all the children and staff were really happy and enjoyed what they did.

The class sizes are small and they really get to know each child and how they learn and then help the child understand that learning.

In my son’s words “the teachers are great and really clever as they make us learn without realising it”.

The staff work hard to make learning fun and different and really go the extra distance to ensure that each child has a great experience.

In your opinion, what could be improved upon?

Having moved from his local primary school which has a large site and grounds, the Torwood site is much smaller. Having said that, they have the Downs on their doorstep which they use when necessary.

Educationally and pastorally I can’t fault it.

What do you think of the school building, facilities and size of the school?

The school is small but this is one of its assets. Space is used well and facilities are good. It is well maintained and cared for.

What do you think of the staff?

The staff are brilliant. Approachable and totally on the ball. They are happy and enjoy what they do and very hands on.

If I need to talk to them then I know that they know my child and I know I am being told about my child and not a child in the class that they teach.

What are the school’s values?

I don’t know!!  But I would say most likely inspiring learning, independence and confidence

Do kids receive homework to do at home?

Yes, about 10 – 15 minutes four evenings a week, plus reading and spelling.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

You always think that because a school (or whatever) has a good reputation then it must be right and know what it’s doing.

In general my son was happy at his previous school but the same issues cropped up year after year that were never addressed.

I was told by many people how bright he is but he just had this frustration about him – whenever I would go and talk to the teachers I was told not to be concerned that things would all slot into place for him.

Many mornings I was seen having to drag him or he’d sit on someone’s wall refusing to go any further – met with sympathy from returning parents having done drop off saying they’d had similar problems but it would pass and to keep at it!

Since moving to Torwood this has never happened – I’ve gone a whole term and a half without any problems of getting him to the door. He wants to go. He’s happy, and genuinely happy.

People who knew him at his last school can’t believe how different he is now and how much more comfortable he is in himself.

It’s difficult to describe the difference but his last school has this sort of “frantic” energy about it whereas Torwood is “calmer” and suits him. I know he feels listened to and I know they look after him.

I can’t rate Torwood highly enough!