Introducing The Bristol Coddywomple, a celebration of street performance

On Sunday 26th July, 6-8pm, all over Bristol, it is hoped that many performers of wondrous talents will step out of their front doors to entertain their neighbours!

The event is part of the Bristol Coddywomple, an ambling celebration of street performance, bringing entertainment to your neighbourhood.  Following pre-mapped and well-publicised routes, these Coddywomplers will entertain their neighbours as they pass through.  You can watch from your windows and doorways, or step outside to interact with the entertainers in your street.

The Bristol Coddywomple is a pilot project and aims to fill the streets of Bristol with music, circus and visual treats.  The performers taking part will be pioneers in an exciting experiment to re-imagine a resilient future for us all.  And, if successful, there is interest to take the project further!

Coddywomplers are urgently needed to take part in the event and bring joy and laughter to the streets of Bristol.  Do you have a special talent you can share with your neighbours?

If you fancy taking part please see this post for some rules and guidelines to meet in order to take part.

Here’s how to apply:  Happy coddywompling!