‘Penguin Beach’: a Great New Book for Children aged 7-11

Oxfordshire Children’s Author, Lawrence Prestidge, is back with a new and exciting adventure featuring a cast of penguins!

Penguin Beach focuses on Clyde, as the star of the show, who delights visitors to London Zoo every day. From the way he waddles, to his tuxedo-like feathers, no one can resist his loveable charms.

That is, until Diego, a new penguin from Spain, arrives. Why does everyone love his backflips and leaps so much? And why are the other penguins so impressed by him?

Clyde decides he needs a plan to drive Diego out and claim the top spot once more. This is his beach. This is his spotlight.

But do his mischievous plans go too far? Clyde and his penguin friends find themselves going on a mission to find Diego. Along the way, they must navigate the pythons, gorillas and a trio of ‘bad guys’ but who will come out on top?

This is the fifth children’s book by popular Drama and SEN teacher Lawrence Prestidge, best known for his chapter book Terror at the Sweet Shop.

Lawrence explains: “I’ve always wanted to write a story about penguins. As part of my research for the book, I loved learning about the different breeds and seeing for myself their personalities and character traits. It enabled me to play with different ideas and build unique personalities for each of them.”

Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl and David Walliams, Penguin Beach is guaranteed to make children (aged 7-11) and adults, smile.

This is the fifth children’s book by the popular Drama and SEN teacher, who is best known for his chapter book Terror at the Sweet Shop. Educated at the University of Bedfordshire, Lawrence has previously worked with Disney as well as theatres across London. He regularly visits primary and secondary schools across the UK, to help inspire a love of reading and writing.

Penguin Beach is available to buy now on Amazon here.


*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.