The Tortoise & the Hare: A Tiny Steps Performance for Children & Families on Saturday 9th September

Next Saturday 9th September at 10.30am there will be a wonderful family friendly theatre and dance performance of The Tortoise and the Hare with Tiny Steps Performances at Redland Park United Reformed Church.

The performance is especially for children and families and will offer magical dancing, storytelling, and acting in a relaxed environment, with children welcome to join in with the dancers and learn a few dance steps!

This Tiny Steps performance will unveil the everlasting story of friendship and competition between the hare and the tortoise. Known to children all around the world, the story of The Tortoise and the Hare reminds us of the importance of acceptance and differences, respect and compassion.

And, even though the story is about the competition and physical differences and abilities, love and friendship prevail at the end.

Svetlana and Herbert, who are recreating the story, decided to choreograph again with the wordless concept so that the story will unfold by means of music, dance, acting and theatre elements.

They hope to capture and hold the attention of the young audience for 30 minutes with lots of skillful and clever comedy elements through dance.

You will see the graceful slow tortoise and the flamboyant and vibrant hare introducing themselves through the dance. The hare is incredibly fast and self-considered and the tortoise is slow, centred, meditative and forgiving tortoise.

There is a touch of jazz, Chinese yoga, lyrical contemporary and even ballroom dancing all combined in a witty and interesting way to keep your little ones attention throughout. Plus, there will be a hilarious and a musical surprise (shhhhh- not allowed to disclose that yet)  for all to dance together!

Tiny Steps performances aim to evoke and feed children’s and their parents’ curiosity for theatre, performance and dance. Svetlana is a huge advocate to inspire imagination and not let children learn from imitation and following.

She explains: “We are hoping to build and nourish witty young minds with great amount of positive reinforcement, observation and exploration to create and stimulate the wonderful world of children’s imagination. We also hope parents will let their guard go and try it as well.”

Do bring your children to watch the show and to support the tortoise and the hare race and don’t forget to find your animal costumes and put them on, every animal, real or fictional, is needed to be a part of the performance. Plus the best costume gets free cake!

Tiny Steps Performances were created by mum, professional dancer and founder of OvDa Dance Company, Svetlana Ovsyannikova, who lives in Bristol with her husband Ben and her little girl, Amaya and baby boy, Rupert.

Many Bristol Mum readers will also know Svetlana through Dance Mums: classes for mums and toddlers. Svetlana just started a new OvDa creative toddler dance class in Bedminster, please contact her if you are interested.

Svetlana created Tiny Steps performances to inspire, share passion for dance and to merge the gap between performers and the audience at performances which is why all Tiny Steps performances are interactive and encourage children to join in with the music and dancing!

Tiny Steps Performances are ideal for children aged 0 – 8, however older sisters and brothers are very welcome too and usually enjoy it very much.

Following every Tiny Steps Performance, fresh coffee, tea, free squash and delicious home-made cakes are also available to purchase.

The Tiny Steps Performance of The Tortoise and the Hare will take place on Saturday 9th September at 10.30am at Redland Park United Reformed Church, Whiteladies Road, Redland BS6 6SA.

Family Ticket (admits 4): £12.50
Adult/child pair: £7.50
Additional child: £3.50
Additional adult: £5.50

For more information & to book tickets:
http://www.ovsyannikovadance. com/store/c1/Featured_ Products.html